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    how to check load via ssh and check files causing load ??

    I would like to know how to check load via ssh and check files causing load ??

    I want the ssh codes for 2 different set of control panels, one with cpanel+whm and other with kloxo+hypervm

    and I would also know how to check the files causing the load, such as some files could have been interrupted while processing, so they could be causing load some times, so I want to stop such processes if any are running on the vps on my friends accounts

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    you can check the load via TOP command , You can go into more details with the help of man command, Process causing load can be traced using strace -p pid command i believe well you need to explore more options via shell.
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    thanks for the info srv, will check it later once the process I am through is completed

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    Using 'top' (as mentioned above) you can use Shift+P and Shift+M to sort by CPU or memory usage. Press them again to change from ascending to descending order.

    If you just want to check load, you can use 'w' or 'uptime' rather than 'top'.

    If MySQL is showing a high amount of load, you can use the query 'SHOW PROCESSLIST' when logged into the MySQL console.

    You can check the TCP connections to your server with something like 'netstat -at | less'.

    You can check your auth log (check /etc/syslog.conf) for brute force attacks or lots of SMTP connections using something like 'tail -f /var/log/secure' or 'tail -f /var/log/auth.log'. Your location of the log files may vary. Press Ctrl+C to stop scrolling the log.

    You could also install the 'sysstat' package to use tools like 'iostat' to check HDD performance.
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    This will give the number of established connections by ip.

    netstat -ntu | grep ESTABLISHED | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
    If you want to include all connections and not just established ones then:

    netstat -ntu | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
    This is useful to find a particular foreign ip that might be causing trouble.

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    Use "bmon" for checking network load. Draws nice ascii graphs of your bandwidth usage over each interface.

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