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    Looking for new host

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced company that can offer the following:

    Unmanaged servers.
    Per port load balancing.
    Ability to customise ports/bandwidth packages on a per account not per server basis.

    I want to start off small (probably 3 servers - 2 web / 1 db) and be able to easily upgrade in the future (add more servers).

    I don't need a huge amount of bandwidth, 1-2k Gb should be fine with 100Mbit port but 1Gbit VLAN between the servers.

    I would prefer UK hosting but US/EU will be fine as well.
    Not too worried about support, as long as in the event of network/hardware failure it's resolved quickly.

    Are there any companies that can do this and aren't extortionately priced?

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    I think your price is going to vary significantly depending on how much SAN you require (and what SAN technology: iSCSI/CIFSorNFS/Fiber attached/etc.), and what kind of computing power your servers require.

    For reasonably priced to give you what you listed without knowing the above, I'd suggest Softlayer, but their DC's are US-only.
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    I've looked at Softlayer and have used them in the past for something else.

    The annoying things are that to have a private 1Gbit VLAN I have to have a 1Gbit public interface as well which means their firewall/load balancing solutions sky rocket in price.

    I understand why they do it, so they can plug you into a single switch and setup the VLAN like that, but it's a shame they aren't a little more flexible in that department.

    To start with 100GB SAN should be sufficient.

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    Get in touch with *******.com. They have a great sales team, and they have people that specialize in HA and load balancing and all that good stuff.

    Good luck!
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    I'll check them out, thanks

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    It's hard to find a company that does all this and isn't expensive.

    Think I might use a dual primary DRBD setup on the web servers instead of the SAN and later add in an extra box for storage and just go for a cheaper provider that offers per port load balancing!

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