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    Arrow How to turn off keepalive? Setting in httpd.conf didn't work..

    So why does it still say Connection: Keep-Alive? I know that if its off, it should say Connection: Closed. And where did the timeout=1 and max=100 come from?

    My httpd.conf
    Timeout 90
    KeepAlive Off
    KeepAliveTimeout 15
    KeepAliveRequests 10

    HTTP headers is reporting
    Keep-Alive: timeout=1, max=100
    Connection: Keep-Alive

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    You should check for any include files being sourced from the main httpd.conf file. One of those may be enabling keepalive after you disable it.

    grep -i include </path/to/httpd.conf

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    You can also look in the httpd.conf for other instances of it, you may have added it on top of one that is already there.
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