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    Thumbs up My Experience with

    Good stuff here.

    With out getting far into it, I want to thank for putting up with us, and all the great service they provide

    Thanks Ben, Chemito, Russell and Phil, great team @ core.


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    Give us some more informations. How long have you ben with them, and a brief description of your experience with them etc will be helpful. Also to get you review verified by the moderators you can submit one of the domain or IP hosted with them. You can use the following link if you don't want to share it in public.

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    Yeap, we'll be happy to share more about your experience. So updates us with more details.
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    We've got one of our clients servers with them and they are really good.
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    Well they got a heavy Set up fee of $69 and thats some what dscouraging.
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    Setup fee is only on the lowest end servers, and if you look hard enough here on wht you will find promo codes (well I did last year) for free setup.

    I have been with them for almost a year, support tickets are normally filled within an hour. Upgrading server packages was a breeze, cPanel license was cheap ($30), speeds are great, prices are great. Not much more can be said. Very happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alons View Post
    Well they got a heavy Set up fee of $69 and thats some what dscouraging.
    You get what you pay for, seriously.

    Compare every CoreNetworks review (except for some people complaining about the 100mbps off-network speeds, but that's hardly $30/month territory) to every other review of a provider who does $30/month dedis. The setup fee is worth every penny for the service you get afterwards.
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    18 months of good service

    I've been using a corenetworks server at 24.95 per month for 18 months now.

    I've tried serverpronto (who are honestly a bunch of criminals with the photo ID requirements) and one other dedicated provider, and corenetworks is far and above the best budget provider that I have seen.

    I almost feel guilty paying the 25 bucks per month. The cooling and electricy costs alone on the server have to be close to that, not to mention bandwidth. In the first month, one of the HDs failed and they immediately had it swapped out. Aside from that I haven't communicated with them in over a year. The server just works.

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    good to hear the review. they say they have been working on vps plans for 2 months now kinda like ecatel with the imcomplete site. have they started vps yet?
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    Not that I know of.

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