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    What is a good forum software?

    I need to choose a good forum software vBulleting is bit costly for what I need, phpBB used to have a lot of bugs..

    What would you people recommend?

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    Well in the free market, for the most part theres PhpBB and SMF in my opinion.

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    If you use phpBB then you must keep it up to date. As it is extremely popular, and has more than its fair share of bugs.
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    Vbulletin is one of the best, although it's not free, which keeps it more secure than the others. Most of the popular forums use vbulletin because of this. We've used vbulletin a few times and it works well and is easy to configure.
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    I have used SMF in the past. I like it. It has many nice features.

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    Many popular forums use VBulletin.. :p

    But PHPBB is not that bad i think .. especially the latest version
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    PHPBB, the latest version, 3, is great. I can understand your problems with the older 2 branch, as the competition was really starting to pull away from it. Version 3 brought it back into great standings.
    Check it out.

    In any case, vBulletin is usually used for any forum that is actually expecting to really pickup or gain popularity simply because of its ability to scale. Nothing against PHPBB, but it seems to be usually used for little "hobby" forums. Of course there are exceptions to this probably, just stating my observation over the years.

    Personally I think SMF is ugly out of box (personal opinion I guess), but I have heard many good things about it. You may want to give it a shot here:

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