I just purchased a VPS with Plesk. I will be hosting my company sites as well as a few hosting clients I have. I'm getting ready to setup Plesk and start migrating domains over - but I want to set it up with the future in mind.

I can see eventually moving all my hosting customers over to their own VPS. So I am trying to figure out the best way to set up accounts to make migration easy once it happens.

I was thinking of setting up a reseller account for that part of my business and then add each client. My assumption is that when I'm ready to move, I can just migrate the Reseller account over making that reseller account the Admin account on the new VPS.

Or is it better to forgo a reseller and just add clients for my clients and my company sites.

I would appreciate any feedback. I'm just trying to set everything up in such a way that makes any future expansion easy.