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    View site without domain

    Alright so I have this VPS but I want to setup the site before i tell my domain to point to the new VPS.

    I'm using LXLAB KLOXO, and apprently its http://ip/~username
    that only gets me a 403 forbidden. Where can I unforbid it, so i can install the CMS and setup my site?

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    ok so i was right on how to view my VPS web site without a domain, but I always get a 403 error when i try to view a .php file. I'm using lighttpd, with kloxo lalabs. the lighttpd.conf file looks ok, i don't see it denying any .php ext files.

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    Did you check your file permissions? Usually it's 755 for directories, 644 for files.
    Do you have auto indexing enabled too? Can you access a specific file? eg: http://<ip>/~user/somefile.php

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    If this helps, you can also "fake" your dns, I assume your workstation used for testing is Windows...if not, holler back -
    open your
    C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file
    you'll see localhost
    below what, put the IP and web site addresses you want to in

    Save it, and this overrides all DNS, when you ping "" you'll see it actually resolved to the IP you specify. You'll need one entry for each host / domain you want to test...even if it's just adding a www to the front, as is the example above.

    A 403 forbidden can be two things...either the file does not have permissions (try 755) or you are hitting a directory with no files, and are not allowed to list files (directory browsing).
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    permissions are all set correct, i found out last night it was something to do with fastcgi needing to get activated.

    I can easily goto any html but not php.

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    i gave up. went with apache again

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