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    If it sounds too good to be true...

    As mentioned in another thread I started today, I'm considering moving to a cheaper dedicated server instead of renewing the old one I'm on now.

    I just discovered the forum for web offers here (Web Hosting Talk: Advertising Forums: Web Hosting Offers: Dedicated Hosting Offers) and a brief perusal revealed offers like this one:

    Intel Xeon 3320 Quad Core (4 x 2.5Ghz)
    - 8GB RAM
    - 2 x 500GB SATA HDDs (Software RAID1)
    - 2000 GB Bandwidth
    - 100 Mbit port
    - 29x Usable IP Addresses
    - Free Setup
    $149.95 / month!

    There were a few similar offers but this one looked the best to me -- almost too good to be true.

    As I investigated further I couldn't find out much about the company, their site seemed slapped together and seems like a one man show, perhaps someone buying colo space/servers and reselling them. But then again, that's just my impression.

    I compared the price and system features with offerings from my current host, and a number of other brand name hosts, and they are all more than double the price listed in this offer.

    Has anyone found deals like this here and used them satisfactorily -- or are most of these listings just scams? (Sorry if scams is too harsh a word.)

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    In most cases you get what you pay for, the company that advertise this price for this server is likely to be operating on a very slim margin if any, so you have to be careful what you getting yourself into.
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    if it was a true deal then it would definitely be good - but as mike suggested, y ou get what you pay for and even though $150/mo is a lot of money - it's definitely not enough for a server with those specs...quad core, 8gb ram, 2tb bandwidth, 1tb space...

    but who knows, they could be the best service out there. I wouldn't recommend paying for more than a month at a time at first - not until you test things out and grow the trust.

    good luck

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    My advice is to avoid software raid all together but other than that it doesn't sound too bad overall - a bit on the cheap side by about $75 or $100.
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    To be honest, I would try it. If it works out you are going to save a bundle of money. If it doesn't you will lose a little. I say, throw the dice, but keep expectations low.

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    Fork, probably the best way to evaluate offers you see on WHT is to search right here on WHT for posts (other than the offer) about that company. If you search on a company's name, you'll find reviews, if there are any, and you'll also see how that company responds, whether to customers or competitors.

    To round things out - and for dedicated service, I think this is not a step to skip - also search on your favorite search engine for the company. You'll see what they post elsewhere, and what others have to say about them.

    Take reviews with some grains of salt, but at least on WHT reviewers have to actually have a site hosted with the company they are reviewing.
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    At that price, and for what they're offering, chances are that they are a reseller. Inform yourself on which datacenter or which dedicated server service provider they're reselling from and that should give you a better idea of the quality of the service you'll receive. Best of luck!

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