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    Hey guys,

    I recently bought my first Macbook after an unfortunate incident involving a glass of water and my previous windows-based laptop!

    It has taken me awhile to find replacement/Mac edition programs for things that I used to be able to do on Windows and I am now looking for one more thing.

    Whilst I do not do that much website design anymore, it would be useful to have some sort of website editor that has both a code editor that makes things easier than just a simple wordpad and a basic visual editor - one that will do the basic stuff for me, images, links, moving a few things around on existing web pages so I don't need to spend hours fiddling with code.

    I would prefer it to be open-source if at all possible, but if not I am happy to buy something, but I am not going to the expense of buying Dreamweaver or anything similarly heavy-duty.

    Does anyone have any recommendations - they would be much appreciated!


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    NVU or KompoZer. They are not the best but for the price of free they do a good job.

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    TextMate or Espresso - they are not for free, but worth every penny paid.

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    I would go with Nvu. I currently use them. It's pretty basic but it does the job.

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    Coda, Esprsso and Aptana studio, are at the top of my list. NVU is horrible there are a tone of bugs, but it's free. :-)
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    We used BBEdit at my old job, but that was years ago, dunno if it's still any good.
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    If you want an all-around system, I would go with Coda ($99). It has text editor, ftp, css, and terminal all rolled into one and it really cuts down on the process of maintaining separate programs for all.

    Rapidweaver is also a good development tool, though I prefer to code by hand.
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