Iím a web developer looking to take on more projects as my schedule is clearing up. If you're interested in learning more about what I can do to help your business or personal project, send me an e-mail

Background Info

I started doing web development as a freelancer in 2002 and ended up working with a number of people on layouts, programming, design and all the stuff that makes web dev fun. Since then Iíve acquired a wealth of experience from a number of projects with companies ranging from small to multinational, even government agencies.


Here's a sample of what I can do, http://www.armastudios.com/


Over the years Iíve dealt with a wide range of technologies including (and Iíll keep to the short list) HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL, Flash. If youíve got any questions about whether or not I have experience with a specific technology, send me an e-mail, either way I love discussing and learning new web technologies.

I can take care of pretty much any project from start to finish although I have a number of specialist to call on if the need arises.


I love being able to provide a complete web solution to my clients, affordable hosting is one of those things. Iím not out to be the next biggest web host, I do this mostly for the additional control over the development environment. Although if youíre only interested in a me hosting your site, I can get you a good price.


You can always send me a pm via the forums, or use one of the following:

E-mail: phil<at>armastudios.com
Paypal: sales<at>armastudios.com
AIM: armastudios
MSN: msn<at>armastudios.com
Yahoo: arma.studios

If you want to talk on an IM program just give me a heads up via e-mail or PM.

I look forward to hearing from you!