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    best management company for my vps?

    best management company for my vps?

    of those companies

    also what's the difference between vps and vds

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    Nothing really, just marketing fluff

    Virtual private server, virtual dedicated server, hybrid server, enterprise VPS, etc.. I suppose the rationale is to help make a distinction between budget and more substantial offerings.
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    the whole thing is that i got problem in my server and i can't solve it

    i tried to ask it here but no luck for a reply

    so i'm trying to hire someone to do it for me

    that's all but i done everything in my server and security and all is ok

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    I would go into the server management offers forum and grab someone. I use Platinum Server Management myself and they usually fix all my problems I can't fix myself.
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    Just wondering, why are there some in red and some in blue in the list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankiee View Post
    Just wondering, why are there some in red and some in blue in the list?
    In wiki formatting, wikilinks (links to other wiki pages) are blue when the page they link to has content and red when the page doesn't have content (yet).

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    You might look at just getting your VPS at there really good and manage your service. Also easy upgrades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZinkHosting View Post
    You might look at just getting your VPS at there really good and manage your service. Also easy upgrades.
    I would also recommend WiredTree, as well as mention LiquidWeb. I have a VPS with each company and they are TOP notch. I've never had any problems since either company since I've been a customer (which has been just over 12 months). They are knowledgeable and VERY responsive (we're talking minutes).

    As was noted previously as well, with either company you can move up or down within a VPS (spec wise) or to a hybrid (wiredtree) or a dedicated box with ease.

    Either company gets two thumbs up from me!

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    platinumservermanagement would be great for you to try for support.
    Hey Mikey likes it!

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    I personally from a VPS perspective at least, just simply recommend going with a provider that offers management services. I think it's kind of, well, "interesting" to say the least, that you may be paying 100$/per month for management from another provider when you're paying $20/per month for your VPS PSM however offers Management for 29$, and they are going to be the best you're going to get within a price range I personally feel acceptable for a VPS.

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