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    500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '')

    after moving to another server i moved from vps to another vps

    this problem appeared in some pages in the site script

    "(500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '') ) "
    it appears in a cron file which connect to the site to delete some files

    also when the script generate the links for users to download try to open the site and download any file then you'll see the error

    the strange that the site works fine for some hours then return gives this error

    and when i contacted the support of the script they said there's something wrong with the dns or resolvers

    i checked all setting triple times but no luck to found what's wrong

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    may be there is a firewall issue.
    please verify your firewall and make sure you have open udp port 53 to allow dns query

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    Put these two lines at the end of your /etc/hosts file and see if that helps.
    Also, can you copy/paste the content of:

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    It seems to be an issue with the nameservers. Please contact your host and confirm that nameservers are set properly for the domain.

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    Do not forget to configure your resolvers as well in /etc/resolv.conf
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