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    Hypervisor Comparison/Security

    I'm interested in thoughts on the various hypervisors in use today. Are there security concerns with the free/open source ones? Performance? Is it worth it to seek out a virtuozzo based vps or is Xen or OpenVZ just as secure/good?

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    Xen > Openvz

    With OpenVZ, the performance isn't as good. While Xen runs more like a dedicated server, ie you can recomplie the kernel and just runs different.

    With OpenVZ, Anyone (well..Anyone with access to the node) can get into your VPS just by "vzctl enter ID" - In my opinion this is very insecure.

    Oh, and i suggest if you ever want a edge in the VPS market (if your planning on running a business) don't use virtuozzo, It's pricing is just a rip off.

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    Did you consider having a look at Windows 2008 HyperV?
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    As far as security, both Xen and OpenVz has good security features. They are still developing. So always there will be updates and stability.

    The Virtuozzo will appear like a professional one. But the pricing is high. I suggest Xen or OpenVz.

    Parallels partner program is very bad. They have stagnating sale commitment. Many small hosts cannot achieve this easily. (Also parallels is trying to get all competitive products).

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