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    DNS hosts with good uptime SLAs

    I am looking for a reliable DNS host for a couple of names that are of higher than normal priority (I would normally run the DNS myself or just use the registrar's services).

    After a little searching DNSMadeEasy's "business" membership seems to be a generally recommended option. Are there any other similar services out there?

    The definite requirements are:

    • good uptime SLA, backed by strong refund policy
    • a history of good uptime
    • "vanity" name server support

    A UK based company would be preferabe if possible (this is one point against DNSMadeEasy). Price is not really a major consideration compared to a known history of reliability.

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    What does a SLA really get you? It's just a method of apportioning blame *after* the damage is done.
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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    Quote Originally Posted by plumsauce View Post
    What does a SLA really get you? It's just a method of apportioning blame *after* the damage is done.
    Generally: it is a sign that the company has something to lose if its technical product performs badly. The proven track record of reliability is far more important than an SLA generally of course, but...

    Specifically: it gets me one less thing higher-ups will moan about, because they want *all* parts of the project to be covered by some sort of SLA and explanations as to why an SLA doesn't really make that much difference on its own will likely fall on deaf ears and I don't have time to beat my head against that particular brick wall.

    And to be frank, "apportioning blame after the fact" is no bad thing when it is not apportioned in my direction!

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    I recommend to you SimpleHelix. They stand behind their SLA. In the past they had some rough spots, but they always stood behind their products. Lately I have been noticing so many improvements and I credit them for that.

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    thanks for the info of SLA ,will surely take that into account in the futre while choosing DNS host

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