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    VPS Language Definitions...

    So I've been hanging around WHT for a few weeks now, I'm fairly tech savvy, and I think I have a decent working knowledge of what's what in the world of VPS.

    Yet, I'm still confused on a number of topics and most of it comes down to simple definitions. I was hoping the WHT Wiki would answer my questions, but it's pretty sparse. It'd be great if someone could quickly explain the difference between and relation among these terms:

    * HyperVM
    * OpenVZ
    * VMware
    * Xen
    * VDSmanager
    * WHMCS
    * Parallels Virtuozzo
    * Managed/Unmanaged
    * Other related terms (virtualizaiton, control panel)?

    Reply to this thread, or edit the wiki here (or both!):
    (not allowed to post a link to the wiki for some reason)

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    OpenVZ, VMware, Xen, Parallels Virtuozzo are hypervisors

    HyperVM, VDSManager are control panels to manage your Virtual Environment

    WHMCS is a billing system to keep track of clients, support tickets, billing etc.

    Managed/Unmanaged = this depends from provider to provider.
    Typically Managed would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about managing the server from security patches, system administration issues etc. Unmanaged is the opposite

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    Definitions are fine in general but I recommend getting some hands-on time with these technologies. Get an unused PC and install / reinstall. It won't take time before you build a practical understanding of what each of the terms truly mean.

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