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    True Blood - Do you watch it?

    My cousin told me about this show a couple of weeks ago, as she watches it. It caught my interest as Alan Ball is the producer who produced Fix Feet Under, which I really liked.

    I watched the first episode of True Blood (On Demand, with our cable provider) and it was ok. I didn't think it was good at first. I watched 3 more episodes.. and darn it... I have been hooked. I watched all of season 1, and the first few episodes of season 2. I must say, this show is very addicting.

    If you decide to watch it... let's say it's a very Mature (MA) series. 18+ is a definite! Lots of sex, and violence... heck it's a vampire show, so know that going in.

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    Just about to start on Season 2 - was very impressed with Series 1 (bar a couple of episodes) - highly recommended TV
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    Ya, I watch the whole first season last year, and have been watching season 2 now, love it!

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