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    Lightbulb Out of money? Miami datacenter - Half rack $300, full rack $500, $75 1U colo

    1U colo
    10Mb unmetered (or 10Mbps on 95% burstable)
    5 included IPs
    Bandwidth Graphs

    Half Rack COLO
    10 Amps of Power
    5Mbps capped or burstable
    13 included IPs
    Bandwidth Graphs

    Full 42U Rack COLO
    20 Amps of Power
    10Mbps of Bandwidth capped or burstable
    29 included IPs
    Bandwidth Graphs

    3-rack pack colo
    3x 42U racks
    [email protected] circuit (that is +- equal to [email protected])*
    30Mbps of bandwidth capped or burstable
    128 IPs included
    Bandwidth graphs

    Full cage COLO
    7' x 12' cage
    [email protected] (that is +- equal to [email protected]) circuits*
    Bandwidth graphs
    24x7 access

    Any of those colo offers above:

    - With 100Mbps dedicated bandwidth
    add $300/month

    - With 1Gbps shared bandwidth, 75TB guaranteed
    add $750/month

    - With 1Gbps shared bandwidth, 150TB guaranteed
    add $1400/month

    - With 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth
    add $2750/month

    - 95th % billing
    $3/Mbps on contracted amounts, $4/Mbps on overages.

    No Hidden Charges. Reboot ports can be purchased for a one-time setup fee of $50. Servers must come with rails or we'll have to buy them for you at your cost.

    Extra IP addresses can be negotiated and will be under standard ARIN justification rules.

    Contact us on any means above (PM, IM, phone, email) for that special. Its unlisted on our website.

    For anyone who signs up this week, we're giving an extra 5% discount. Just mention it.

    * - most if not all modern servers and networking equipment supports from 100-240V switching on their power supplies. Only cheap equipment like some videogames or netgear wireless switches are 120V-only).

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