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    [FOR HIRE] Webdeveloper with basic design skills (Parttime)

    I'm in need of a new job as my current contract is expiring in two weeks. My work was good and all went well, but because of the fact that I'm not able to work fulltime they cannot renew my contract.

    I also have a reference letter of them (in Dutch).

    I'm a 20 years old student (which is the reason I cannot work fulltime) and I am experienced in:

    - PHP
    - MySQL
    - (x)HTML
    - CSS

    I have also experience in JAVA programming and Oracle but I prefer to do PHP webdevelopment for now.

    Before I started my study, three years ago, I was more a designer than a coder, so I also have some experience in designing with Photoshop.

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    Send me your resume and portfolio to jason_slominski [at] yoozers [dot] com

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