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    /dev/sda6 (/usr) is 89% full

    I have two dedicated servers..

    On one of my servers, its 100% full and my 2nd one it's /dev/sda6 (/usr) is 89%.

    Can someone tell me what partion on a linux based server this is usually used for, and the steps by ssh I can do to clear it out?

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    This is what the main Linux partitions are used for:

    You shouldn't clear out /usr. If you have a lot of free space on your root partition you could symlink/mount /usr to a new location.

    Run a 'df -h' to see the size of your filesystems.

    You could start tracing the space you're using under /usr with the following:
    cd /usr
    du -h --max-depth=1
    Then 'cd' into the next biggest directory and repeat the 'du' command. You may find things like unflushed logs or undelivered email, though they're usually in /var.

    You could also force the size into megabytes and check for the top 10 biggest directories:
    du -hm --max-depth=5 | sort -r -n | head -n 10
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    /usr is may be used for user related log data. For example the log files of the webserver is stored in the /usr partition. If there are lot of domains on a server, the /usr partition will be filled up soon. Check the /usr/src for any size taking source files. You can see which directory is taking more space by running the following command from inside the /usr partition.

    du -sch *
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    If this is a cpanel server, check /usr/local/apache/logs and /usr/local/apache/domlogs folder.

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    Check what is consuming '/usr' space.

    cd /usr && du -sch * ; now 'cd' to the next level directory and so on.

    also check the if there are any apache logs (access/error/domlogs) that exceeds 2GB file limit. If this limit is exceeded, Apache might crash.

    find /usr -size +2000000k

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    Do this:

    cd /usr/local/apache/logs

    tail -1000 error_log > error_log.bk
    > error_log
    tail -1000 error_log.bk > error_log
    rm -rf error_log.bk

    tail -1000 audit_log > audit_log.bk
    > audit_log
    tail -1000 audit_log.bk > audit_log
    rm -rf audit_log.bk

    tail -1000 suexec_log > suexec_log.bk
    > suexec_log
    tail -1000 suexec_log.bk > suexec_log
    rm -rf suexec_log.bk

    tail -1000 access_log > access_log.bk
    > access_log
    tail -1000 access_log.bk > access_log
    rm -rf access_log.bk

    Repeat this for /usr/local/cpanel/logs

    Also crop the domlogs situated at /usr/local/apache/domlogs folder

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    First find out which directory is using more space in /usr. If you have more free space in any of the other partition you could move that directory to that drive with more space and create a symlink to new location.

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    You should need to check the size of the error_logs and access_logs on the server
    and then try to empty them,

    #cd /usr/local/apache/logs
    #ls -sh error_logs
    #ls -sh access_logs

    check here if size in gb for error_logs and access_logs then try to empty them,

    #echo > error_logs
    #echo > access_logs
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