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Thread: Installing Xen

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    Installing Xen


    I am installing Xen with VDSmanager on my new server. However, there is insufficient documentation withing VDSmanager, so I can't find the partitioning I need. What is the recommended partitioning for the server? I would prefer to have no swap space.

    Donald K.

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    Donald, as far as I know Xen isn't fully supported with VDSmanager so I wouldn't recommend installing it on a production environment.

    Disk partition table before installation you need create as / - 4-8Gb and /vz - other system for VPS files and disk template or one (/ partition).

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    Unless you enjoy filesystem corruption I would NOT reccomend using the above partition scheme. It might be ideal for OpenVZ but Xen is very different.

    I would strongly reccomend using LVM based storage for your Xen VPS where each VPS is on it's own LV. This is much more robust than a .img file. Plus as / is much smaller, if your node needs to FSCK it's going to take less time.

    I personally do

    40GB /
    2GB Swap
    All remaining space as LVM

    It would be stupid to deploy a server with no swap space unless you allow a lot of memory for Dom0.

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