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    Looking for Good Dedicated Server Provider in France and Germany


    I'm in the UK and have experience of UK and US hosting companies, but not outside that.

    I've been asked by someone to find a *really good* dedicated server company in France, and another in Germany.

    They would need to have English speaking support available and be able to install English Linux.

    Is anyone able to help?



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    Ian, from doing a search on this forum I was able to come up with

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    Well if you can hendle a really good vps (which i have used) i had a 120 GB 5 TB a month vps with keyweb. Very solid speeds (better than a lot of dedicated servers I have seen (especially kimis) Very solid vps for around 20 euros and if you open a ticket once you get server they can do english no problem. Their support is quite good too. Can also try Netdirekt, as they have some of the best servers in Europe (in my opinion) ALso might want to consider netherlands host leaseweb whoi now have linux boxes with 4 tb a month for 29 euros. There are many choices but these three are pretty good. Leaseweb doesn't have the best support like netdirekt and keyweb, but leaseweb is better at support than others (Ovh).

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    What specs should the server have and what is the budget?

    In Germany I can recommend - good support (english, too) and with their new server line, they have really powerful hardware for the usual cheap price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_Slominski View Post
    Ian, from doing a search on this forum I was able to come up with
    He's in the UK. Just go OVH direct. Don't bother with a reseller.

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    I would suggest netdirekt too. I got 2 servers with them ATM (1 for almost 9 months and the other one for 6 months) and never had any issue with them. They (the servers) are self managed, but for the price you pay they are more then worth it. The network is great, btw if you would like to test it I can upload for you a test file, just drop me a PM (sorry, I prefert not to publish my http or server(s) IP). Also, their support communicates in english.

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