I've got a vps now running lxadmin + lighty + mysql + tinydns + qmail +bogofilter & grey listing. Basically it's a 100% complete web server using 21 mb of memory, which is great as it's on a low memory vps. Since the base load is so low even with very high traffic it holds up wonderfully.

But with the uncertainty surrounding lxlabs I'm trying to find a backup backup plan. I've been searching here and have found old posts talking about this(but in the last 6mts-1yr has anything else developed?): directadmin has a hack for nginx and ispconfig has a hack for lighty. But is there anything else with native support? If I have to pay for something like DA I want actual support, not some hacky posts on their forum. Same with plesk there's a lighty hack, but it seems like each update plesk trys to undo it. I've been looking on virtulmin's forums and found posts from 1 or 2 years ago talking about working on it, but it looks like it didn't happen. If I'm using a free panel I don't mind modifying it, but I'd rather not worry about some update breaking my setup.

At the expense of losing .htaccess and mod_rewrite there are huge benefits to lighty, but is the only way to have those benefits a hack on DA/ispconfig or going control-panelless?