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Thread: Email Hassle

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    Email Hassle

    Hello not sure how many of you here experience this but I have been experiencing problems sending out emails to hotmail addresses as hotmail spam system regard my email as a spam mail.

    Not only me but my clients have also the same problem sending out to hotmail, yahoo or even some other non hotmail and yahoo address, there will be a bounce back email msg saying something like ip is blacklisted etc.

    I tried sending emails to gmail address and theres no problem, anyone can advise how to solve this?

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    Check if your mail server IP is blacklisted in the rbls. If you see blacklisted anywhere, request the concerned authority to remove the IP from their list and confirm them that your mail server IP is not a spam source. Add SPF and domain keys to your domains on your server.
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    My ip was indeed blacklisted on a few places but delist has been requested, just ran a check, ip no longer blacklisted, i think gmail is the most user-friendly to 3rd party mail server, as im able to send my emails through to gmail everytime.

    The only problem now is hotmail and yahoo, i see my emails in the send box, no bounce emails but still never receive the mails in yahoo or hotmail box, i wonder if most web host here encounter such problems too? anyone can advise me, thanks.

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    Make sure that RDNS is set for the mail server IP. Also enable SPF record and Domain keys for all domains in the server.

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    Yahoo/hotmail/gmail have their own internal blocklists. Even if you are not blocked anywhere else, they still may block you.

    Check to make sure everything is correct
    1) Domainkey record
    2) SPF record
    3) RDNS (ptr record)
    4) Hostname resolves to ip
    5) Not on any popular blacklists
    6) Monitor your logs to make sure there is no spamming coming from your server.

    If everything is fine and you still can't email to their addresses, you will have to contact them directly. They are usually responsive and unlock you if you fill out all the details.
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