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    Account Suspended, need help

    Alright here is the deal, I am currently hosted on liquidweb on a virtual host plan. My account was suspended due to my site being php and mysql run. They said I exceeded 500% of average for mysql. I need help, they said that I would need to upgrade to a dedicated server but thier servers are way to expensive for what I can afford. I am looking for any help I can get here, from cheap hosting(but must be realiable) to anything that might help me. I'm really in a bind here. Thanks for any help given.

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    What kind of site are you running? If it is a personal site, not mission critical I would definitly look at Rackshack.
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    I think they are simply trying to make a few extra backs on you. I would consider finding another host.


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    Zak I was thinking along the same lines as you but the truth is that we do use php+mysql for everything on the site, its all dynamicly run through the database, but to give you guys some more info here is the deal.

    Its a techsite, meaning we specialize in hardware reviews for computers, to articles and such its not so much for making money as it is more of a habby of myself and several friends, though the idea it to make enough money to cover the hosting fees and maybe some new toys nothing big. We don't need anything more than 30 GB transfer at the moment and don't need anything near 20-40 GB as I see almost all dedicated hosts have. Primarly listed below are what we need.

    -A reliable host
    -250MB - 1GB Storage
    -Mysql and php
    and the rest of the standard stuff you normally get with a host.

    Thanks for replying guys.

    Also can I get a link to the rackshack?

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    What's your budget? I may have a host that can help you.

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    Maybe a VPS would work?
    I've stopped recommending for now, but they provide it...don't know of any others.

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    My budget is unsure at the moment, the less the better but we are(or were) paying roughly 25 USD a month but I am unsure as to how high we can go for payment, though anything more than 100 is almost definitly out of the question. Since I am not the only owner I would have to talk about this with the other, who are my friends and I am pretty sure its not going to be more than 100 a month.

    Once again thanks to all of you for your continued help.

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    Though I would bump this up see if anyone else can help me out, like to get as many option/opinions as possible. Time for me to pass out later, night, and such thanks again for any and all help.
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    A lot of companies do this to maintain their server, in the end screwing your business over. The best thing to do is tell them to re-activate, move all your stuff and find your self a dedicated server somewhere.
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    Lippy I doubt liquid web are trying to pull a fast one to make more money, we used to host a large hardware site and it used to eat an imense amount of server resources because it wasn't coded very well or optimised at all (Not saying that yours is the same).
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