Build Your Own Virtual Private Server
Each of Joe’s Openvz Virtual Private Servers comes with a base specification that you can upgrade based on your needs. Don’t get stuck with only a few plans. All our VPS’s are on NEW quad core servers. All our VPS's use VDSmanagers secure web interface.

Joe’s Base VPS
30GB of Hard Drive Space
700GB of Bandwidth
512MB of ram (Burstable to 1GB)
3 IP Address
MRTG Network Graphs
Free “Host at Joe’s” T-Shirt!
Starting at $19.00 /Month
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Joe’s VPS Upgrades
Hard Drive Space 50GB-$3.50 / 70GB-$7.00 / 90GB-$10.50 / 110GB-$14.00 / 130GB-$17.50
Bandwidth 1200GB-$3.50 / 1600GB-$7.00 / 2000GB-$14.00
Ram 768MB-$3.50 / 1GB-$7.00 / 1.5GB-$10.50 / 2GB-$14.00 / 3GB-$17.50
IP Address 6-$3.50
Control Panel DirectAdmin-Free / cPanel-$14.00
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Joe’s O/S Options
Fedora Core
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MRTG Network Graphs
No Contracts
No Hidden Charges
Free DirectAdmin if requested
Free Control Panel Installation
Free “Host at Joe’s” T-Shirt!

Check out our website for more info and pictures of our datacenter
If you’re interested send me an e-mail to [email protected]