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    Question joomla customizing: hard or impossible?

    I need to create a site for a client, which will be an online magazine and a facebook, so that it will have articles and forums created both by users and admin in the main front page,
    but will also have facebook features, along with paid memberships

    -joomla, preferibly or drupal
    -articles created by owner and by users
    with images and videos from youtube, not from own server
    -front page and rest of pages controlled by admin
    -main forums created by admin and users
    -users can create a profile page with different looks
    and pictures
    -users can have friends shown in profile accepting friends etc
    -users galleries and forums
    -users would need to to pay to suscribe

    I have good skills at:
    c++ SQL html css

    poor skills at php-mysql-functions

    My cuestion is:
    do you think it will be possibly for a person with my programming background to create such site?

    how much money and effort will it take me?

    and do u know of any site where they offer programming joomla or drupal support?

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    i think personally it is impossible to use joomla cause the simple fact that i haven't used and that its really confusing unless wordpress and other software like vbulletin. but i think you can find someone to do this for about $200-600 since they have to design and code for joomla plus make everything match - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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    With joomla it wont be an easy task to complete. But if you are using drupal you can implement it very easily.

    Regarding facebook it is easy to integrate with drupal as drupal already have a module which will connect to facebook application.

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    I've used Joomla and not had any problems with it. Any large content system is going to be somewhat confusing to start off with - it's a trade-off between number of features and the possibility that having too many features makes the system too complicated for anybody to possibly fathom. I personally think that Joomla strikes a nice balance - once you've figured out what you can rip out safely and where to hook in your own database code it's all rather easy really.

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    You can do all the above and more with Joomla, as with everything new there's a learning curve but it's really easy with Joomla, plus the Joomla community and the number of extensions available are huge.

    Check out their extensions directory you may find what you need without hiring a programmer.
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    Well, even a newb can do customizations in Joomla by reading the Tutorials on Net.
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    Our company specializes in Joomla customizations, from creating modules/plugins/extensions, to creating custom templates. Part of what you're looking for, you can use existing extensions and add on top of them. This can save you time and cost.

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