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    Looking for apache management app

    Im looking for webinterface or windows app to help manage and compile alter apache/php configs, and install apache modules ext.

    Im not a linux tech savy person. So im looking for something to go along with my plesk control panel to help with things that plesk cant do.

    I have a vps using centos5 and plesh 9.2.1

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    Why don't you try WHM/Cpanel? It can do many things that plesk cannot

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    WHM/Cpanel is the ideal choice.
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    Since migrating from Plesk to cPanel is normally a destructive process (i.e., you have to wipe the drive and do a full reinstall from scratch), maybe you should start off by stating what you are specifically unable to do in Plesk (e.g., what do you need to modify in apache, what modules do you need to install, are there already instructions on how to do it with Plesk, etc.).

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    If you have WHM/cpanel, you can install modules through WHM. With plesk, you need to login to server with ssh, then run "yum install name-of-the-package". For example, to install GD, run "yum install php-gd"

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