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    phpBB/Joomla/MediaWiki - Which opcode cacher to use?

    768MB VPS with DirectAdmin. I will be using phpBB, Joomla, and MediWiki and would like to install an opcode cacher. The 3 most popular ones appear to be: APC, xcache, and eAccelerator.

    I'm a Linux newbie who wouldn't be able to install an opcode cacher on my own without instructions I can just copy and paste into the command line. So my priorities are that it's easy to install/update, it doesn't take manual tweaking to get it working properly, and it's known to have less issues. With phpBB, Joomla, and MediaWiki in mind, which opcode cacher should I go with?

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    Out of that list, I would pick eAccelerator. But that's only if I don't do further research. And because out of that list - it's the one I've always seen most recommended.

    However, with ANY server side software, some tweaking is desirable. Though it will work out of the box by simply following the instructions for install.

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