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    * ip help

    hello i wonder if anyone can help me because my host wont

    i recived this msg from my host about them moving my vps to another dc


    As we approach the migration period many people have raised requests for IP information. I want to make sure that everyone has the information that is needed.

    So here are some instructions:

    In WHM not CPANEL you can view this information under the "IP Functions" heading, you will need to click the bottom option called 'Show/Edit Reserved IPs'.

    From SSH, you can use the "ifconfig" command (without the quotes) to view assigned IP addresses.

    The final method for viewing your IP information which we have enabled temporarily is HyperVM. You can login to HyperVM using your original user/pass combination and view your IP details.

    As a next step post the migration, we will be migrating away from HyperVM to an alternate control panel in an effort to provide our users VPS control panel functionality."

    so how do get my site back online because the support is not responding to my tickets

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    So basically that they're migrating to another dc will cause all ips to change.

    He is giving you information on how to "view" your ips.

    Nothing special.. unless he is referring to how to get your cPanel license updated.

    and Maybe this article will help

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