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Thread: (/tmp) full ?

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    * (/tmp) full ?


    i dont know what is going on exactly

    look at this 2 commands

    [email protected] [/tmp]# ls -hl
    total 92K
    [email protected] [/tmp]# df
    Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda5             10153988    406444   9223428   5% /
    /dev/sda8              1019208    900620     65980  94% /tmp
    how is that possible ls -hl shows thats the space used is 92kb
    while df shows 65980 94% for /tmp

    any idea on this ?


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    paste df -h for us lazy people
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    Hidden files? 'ls -la /tmp'
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    Grab the output of df -h and
    du -shc * (inside /tmp)
    and paste it here

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    'ls -lh' on a directory gives the size of the directory file, not of the directory contents.

    If you want to get the total size of current directory, you can use 'du -sh'.
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    Try umounting and mounting /tmp. If that does not help, try formatting the /tmp partition and mount it again.
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