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    looking for a webhosting company for free

    i been looking for a site to host my text based game...i want one with advanced cronjobs thats free......please reply
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    Anything with cPanel should work fine. I'd find a host were you can upgrade easily to like VPS' servers ... or you might want to try a vps right off the bat since text based games typically use a lot of resources... depending on how there made.

    I like both of those hosts a lot.
    Cody McLain
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    need a free place to host a text based game

    i want a webhost with advanced cron jobs..this is very importannt...i want one that is free...any one knows any so i can make my textbased game????
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    If you want *completely* free hosting then this is not the right forum. There is a different forum for free webhosts and requests.
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    Try asking around @ . We don't discuss free hosting here. Good luck!
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