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    Database Site vs Comany Site: Help!

    Hey Experts,

    Please forgive my complete lack of knowledge on this subject -- I'm on a short assignment to inventory and manage the fixed assets of a small company, and we've just bought a web-based database for this purpose. While I'm pretty good at administering/running local databases, the web part has me stymied. Our company is between IT people, and there's no one on site with any more idea than I have about what's going on!!

    Here's what I have so far:

    --The company has a website which I'll call "" -- which I think, from searching the IP address the website points to, is hosted by

    --There's also a record in DNS Management with the same name (, but pointing to our little server's local IP address.

    --I need to find a way to get my database -- which I can access on the network at (server's IP address)/database (ie -- online. I tried creating records in DNS Management (for ex., that point to our server's IP (the one that, if I type it in on the network, I can get to the site I'm looking for), but get generic "can't find the page" or "can't connect to the server" errors, even after 72 hours, when trying to access it from off the network.

    --If I browse to on the server itself, I get to the website! But if I go to that page from any other computer, on or off the network, it doesn't work.

    --The Server is running Windows Server 2003

    So, what are my options? Do I have to talk to the people to add this page? Shouldn't I just be able to use my server's name ( and have that route to the server? What's going on here!?!?! Is there a simple way to get a tiny local-server-hosted website online outside of the network???

    Thank you SO much! Please let me know if you need more information. And again, I'm sorry about my extreme ignorance. I've searched for answers endlessly, but haven't found anything that works so far. The answer is probably so obvious that there's no question/answer trail for it online!


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    Without being able to run a whois on your domain - I'm guessing that it's pointing to the for dns resolution.

    So... yes - you'll probably need to contact to see about pointing the 'assets' subdomain to your local server's IP. At which point - since you already added the dns info there, it will work after a little propagation.

    Well, that's the mechanics of it. Run a whois on your domain to find out what the name servers are. That will let you know where the domain is pointing to for dns resolution.

    Just for the sake of being thorough, the server that handles dns resolution is the server that's telling web browsers where to look next when the user punches in your domain name into the address bar. (basically)

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    Our tech support is actually very helpful, so I would suggest contacting them (877.215.4678) first and seeing what they can do to assist. You might be shocked at the results. :-)

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