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    [Review] Evil Media Banners

    I found this company through the Design Offers listing on WHT. I tried one of their $5 banners, and ended up ordering an additional banner and then a touch up for the header of my site. Ali was able to complete each order (including color revisions) in less than a day. Seemed like I would order at night and wake up to a new banner. He also advised me on color variations and minimal animations to help my ad stand out. Great price and excellent service!

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    Glad to hear you liked the results. Got any samples we can see?
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    Sure. The header on my site,, was jagged on the edges of the text and seemed almost like it was a tad out of focus. Ali made the header clean and professional and added a light twinkle effect to the star. The banners are on I replaced adsense with these banners. Ali made it to my specs and gave me a blue color variant as well. Will try the variation in about a week to see if there is any noticeable clicks to my site.

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    I just want to thank you for the wonderful review. <<snipped>>

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