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    54 Trouble! Any Help or advice?

    Hi all..

    I have signed with after reading some good things about them here in WHT. But after signing up on the first of November I have never heard from them and have never received their account details!

    I have tried to write to them on all of the e-mails listed on their site and to the e-mail of one of their representatives who I used to e-mail and I got his address from here (WHT).. and his name is Kevin. But with no replies at all!

    After checking with my bank I discovered that they DID charge my credit card on the same day that I signed up with them!

    I have tried posting in their forums but I got no replies neither. I tried their live chat support but I got a message saying that their Live Chat Beta trial period has expired!

    Any suggestions guys? how can I get my money back? I don't need their services any more.. I just want my money back! and I have just e-mailed their billing and support addresses telling them that I want my money back!


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    From what I've heard, they won't answer your requests. You can try waiting for a few days, but if they dont answer, call your credit card company and explain the situation.

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    Request a chargeback from your credit card company. Search for Hostpacket on this forum and you will find a lot of dirt on them

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    Do a little search and you will see you are not alone. Do a charge back on your credit card and consider it a lesson learned. They are known crooks and thieves.

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    its amazing how you didnt make a search before signing with this thiefs,...

    maybe you have to learn the hard way

    you are in the same situation as me and a LOT of other customers, i would say, dont even bother to write to that ass** (kevin) and start a charge back asap

    i dont know where did you find "good comments" from hostpacket from since the last 2 months,.. just having a look at their forums anybody would have an idea of hostpacket ethics...

    good luck and hope you recover your money,.. and if you do, please tell me, 'cause i'd like to know

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    Request an immediate "charge back" .

    If you read their Forums you'll see something along the lines of - (from Kevin) : ..we don't accept any new signups ..

    Grab your money and run .. fast .. consider it a lesson learnt . If the damn fool doesn't accept any new signups , why leave the merchant payment gateway in place for new signups ..

    As Monte said .. crooks & thieves .

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    Hey fantasmic0, do a search. I posted about hostpacket and had the same thing happen to me. I successfully disputed with my credit card company because I kept every email I sent them and documented the dates and times I attemtped to call them. These people are CROOKS. Do a chargeback, have the credit card people monitor your activity to make sure they don't charge you again, and sign up with a reputable webhost.

    Hostpacket can SUCK IT.

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    I was looking for a host maybe two months ago and I was impressed about what I read here about two companies in particular: 1- Edge host.. 2- Host Packet ! I was in the planning phase then.. but now I have sorted everything up and decided to sign up with a host..

    I tried the first one but it said that they don't accept credit cards.. only pay pal.. so I had to try the other one and I never heard of them :-(

    I think that their services have changed since two months ago since I do remmember hearing good things about them here in WHT! but nothing lasts forever I guess!

    I have talked with the bank regarding the charge back and blocking them in the future and the bank told me to call in few days and see!

    Anyways Guys I appreciate your concern and I hope that we can do something regarding such companies.. how about starting a new thread called the black list and adding these companies and mentioning all the bad things regarding them.. and whenever somebody faces a bad expreience with his host he can add the problem to the new thread!

    One last thing guys.. Who do you recommend for me? is edge host a good company? do you have any other recommendations? I need something that is considered (medium to high plan) in the shared hosting category.. not dedicated. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again.


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