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    Virtual Dedicated Server plans starting at $9.95/mo.

    Setup fees are currently waived.

    H S P Complete/Virtuozzo system
    A variety of plans to keep pace with your needs.
    Sign-up is automated and instantaneous, as are upgrades.
    Extra MBs of space are .05 cents each.
    Screen Shots

    All servers attached to a 100Mbit LAN.
    Cisco 7206 VXR router with built in redundancy and full BGP routing.
    One T-1 (1.536Mbits/sec) to Qwest in Spokane, WA.
    One DS-3 (44.2Mbits/sec) to TouchAmerica in Portland, OR via Boise, ID.
    Available "lit fiber" capacity of OC-3 (155Mbits/sec).

    Dual Dell PowerEdge 2500 Servers
    Each with:
    1.4GHz Intel Pentium III CPU with 512Kb cache
    1GB of 133MHz ECC SDRAM (6GB maximum)
    144GB RAID 5 (five 36GB 10K RPM Ultra160 SCSI drives)
    128MB of on board cache for RAID
    Hard drives hot-swappable with no downtime
    Redundant hot-swappable power supplies
    Four redundant hot-swappable case cooling fans

    Disk space/Data transfer/CPU Priority(higher is better)/Monthlyfee

    VDS1 200MB 20GB/month 1 $9.95
    VDS2 400MB 30GB/month 2 $16.95
    VDS3 600MB 50GB/month 3 $24.95
    VDS4 800MB 80GB/month 4 $39.95
    VDS5 1GB 150GB/month 5 $84.95
    VDS6 1.5GB 200GB/month 6 $119.95

    You will need basic knowledge of how to configure Linux and Apache to get full use of a VDS account. If you have any questions about how these accounts operate, please contact me.
    These accounts are also fully customizable via your control panel, the plans are simply a starting point.

    And, of course, we always offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Full features list.
    Order Form

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    After researching your site and forums, I see that the $9.95 plan includes 128K max RAM, but what is the max avaiable CPU? (1-10 is not specific enough) IOW, what percentage of that 1.4GHz is available on that $9.95 plan?

    How fast is support, and can you use email as well as support desk?

    Also, please name all of your bandwidth providers.
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    I'll have to get back to you on an exact percentage of the CPU.
    Our current bandwidth providers are Qwest and TouchAmerica, we recently dumped Worldcom and are shopping for another. Support is as fast as you wish it during business hours (9-5 PST) because you can always pick up the phone and call us. E-mail is answered in queu so the response time varies according to traffic. Off hours, we offer pager support - free if it is a problem on our end, $25.00 per incident for tech support. Sorry about the delay in responding.

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