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    Any resellers have Miva option?

    Do any hosting resellers offer Miva license options other than downright purchasing the entire license upfront for each customer?

    I am a little confuse on Miva licensing anyhow, maybe this is why I can't make sense of this...
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    When I signed up as a Miva hosting partner you could take one of two routes
    1. Buy licenses at a discount (small discount) that could be resold to anyone
    2. Buy licenses in bulk at a large discount and agree to give Miva Merchant away for Free with all ecommerce accounts.

    With #2 the discount is way more than the standard reseller discount, but it has limitations. You sign a contract stating that you will give away Miva for free with every Ecommerce account you sell, so you can't really offer other carts. And the licenses are not reusable or portable. If someone moves away from your hosting, they lose the license and have to pay for another one when they get to their new host.

    I chose option #2 by the way. The discount for option 1 is way too little. I can't give away any pricing info because you have to sign a NDA to even see the pricing, but if you choose option #2 be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars.

    As far as options with resellers. If the hosting is being done on my servers and offered by a reseller of mine I could choose to have the reseller pay for the license up front or just charge a monthly fee for the cart plus a set up fee. I can really bill the reseller in any way that we work out between us if the sites are on my network. I am not allowed to simply resell Miva licenses for you to use on your servers. The ones I have are called bundled licenses which means they have to be bundled with ecommerce accounts on my servers.

    Does that help a little?

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    You can buy Miva Merchant licenses for about $60.00/MM for 100 packs. The new Miva in every account bull sh** will get you in at $18.00/MM but you must dump them on all accounts. These prices are for the smallest bundle. You can get it down to a dollar/account with bigger purchases.

    Miva's problem... They sold too much low cost shopping carts to host. These bundles were not used. We still sit on tons on MM licenses. So, Miva who once sold a lot of licenses, now can not because the host are sitting on stock piles. They laid off ~50 people since their peak.

    There attempted answer... sell Miva in every account. Cheapens it even worse. They then try to throw a carrot in old time partners faces buy saying the bundles we bought are now MM Pro. Pro has nothing more then crap they couldn't sell straight out. Worthless.

    Thats my take anyway....

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    How much cost a Miva licence for 1 site?
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    We offer Miva Merchant as an add-on for $15 per client (yours to resell at whatever you wish) with a minimum three month commitment, per client you buy for.

    We are currently running MM4.12. We have not upgraded to the compiled version of Merchant yet, as many of the modules have not yet been upgraded to compiled. We may be doing this on a single server in the near future. We haven't seen a spike in demand since Miva went this route, though it is supposed to have large speed increases. Most of the sites that I have built with heavily modified MM carts (OUI, many modules, lots of products) still have pretty good load times.


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