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    How long do the usual dedi-customer stay?


    I'm in search for statistics on how long the usual dedicated server customer will hire the same server.

    Whats your experience?
    Does anybody have some real figures?

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    The short answer is: It depends on the dedi customer most of the time.

    A reseller is dependent on the customer they find, and depending on how well they service the customer, they may be there 1-2 months or 1-2 years.

    Enterpise customers that need servers for long-term usually have a cycle of at least a year or two budgeted and should not expect to be upgrading or canceling much during that time

    Small hosting companies are going to have the most delicate business cycles and depending on their customers, may be on the same hardware for several years, or go under in 6 months.

    (Obviously just rough estimates, but based on seeing lots of orders and cancellations over the years.)
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    That's pretty much my the same as my observations.

    It would be really nice to have a broader research on this.

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    From our experience, it's rare for our customers to rent dedi's and leave or cancel, the majority of our dedi customers maybe require replacement dedi's after 1-1.5 years as they can get allot more resources for the same money by that point, we usually look to upgrades where possible as its less hassle, but some people would rather have a newer server, which isn't a problem. We do also have customers who have had the same servers for over 3years and have never been bothered about upgrading as long as nothing breaks....

    I would say it depends more on what type of Service Provider you are. If you offer cheap server then your going to get customers come and go. With Servers, all people care about is, connectivity, available/reliability and speed of support. Quite often the quality of a server is down to the spec the customer has specified, but again this is really down to the type of service you provide as a the service provider.
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    From my experience, they typically stay at least 1 year before getting in touch with us to discuss upgrades or further servers.
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    Our average is 17months before they request to upgrade the hardware, and churn is sub 3%/Annum
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    Quote Originally Posted by othellotech View Post
    Our average is 17months before they request to upgrade the hardware, and churn is sub 3%/Annum
    Interesting information. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by othellotech View Post
    Our average is 17months before they request to upgrade the hardware, and churn is sub 3%/Annum
    Thank you othellotech!
    Very interesting Indeed!

    Have anyone else measured the churn?

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    June 1st was our 14th year in business.

    In our case, unless the customer goes out of business or ends up switching automation platforms, it is very common for dedicated customers to be with us for several years (we typically provide free migrations to new hardware they get from us... so they are not stuck on older equipment).

    While they will be eventually leaving to host with the same company hosting, one of our dedicated hosting customers has been with us since 1998; and may finish out this year with us.

    And on a similar note, we do rent one server at The Planet (everything else is owned; we co-locate) as a monitoring server, we've rented that server for several years.

    So I believe if you provide a good value for the customer investment, they can be with you for a very long time.

    Thank you.
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    Based on my own experience as a consumer it all depends on how much support comes along with the server. If I receive excellent support then I will stay indefinitely. If I am basically dropped into a tub with a server and told to play then I won't be renewing my contract.

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