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Thread: 1 or 2 VPS?

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    1 or 2 VPS?

    Is it better to have 2 VPS with 1 GB RAM each to host different websites or host them all in a single 2 GB RAM VPS?

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    With two VPS's you may have an issue that one VPS may run out of resources and therefore the other VPS (and customers) will not be affected.

    With one VPS you will have all the resources dedicated to all your customers and therefore more resources to share. However, if something should cause issues that affects the VPS and all the customers on it, you have all your customers angry with you.

    It takes a bit more management to manage two VPS' as well, but it is a tradeoff from having to pay for the base cost of multiple VPS's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamjam View Post
    Is it better to have 2 VPS with 1 GB RAM each to host different websites or host them all in a single 2 GB RAM VPS?
    It all depends what your sites will be pulling. If the sites are very resource intensive and you are concerned that they may effect each other, then separating them will be better. Otherwise, putting them together will make it much easier.

    Any details on the site's resource consumption?
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    Generally speaking, it is a bit more efficient to run everything on the same VPS, and it is a bit more redundant to run two VPSs, you just need to choose which you value most. =)
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    Also keep in mind if you have 2 servers/vps and one gets hacked not everything is exploited. Depending on the size of your company a vps dedicated to company only information is not at all a bad thing.
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    One VPS will be the way to go. The additional overhead from running two VPS from a management side of things, as well as a resource side of things is going to be kind of silly. Having all of your resources on one VPS will allow you to have a much larger resource pull at your disposal. As long as both websites do not spike at the exact same time, it should work out great.

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