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    Exclamation Wafer Unmanaged w/FREE TRYOUT: 512MB 1066Mhz DDR2, 10GB HW RAID, 500GB Traffic, 9.95

    Wafer Unmanaged VPSs

    Hi everyone!

    We're offering some of the greatest value VPS hosting packages you'll ever see!

    For the same price...

    What others offer:
    Under performing systems;
    High performing systems, but oversubscribed;
    What we offer:
    No less then Core 2 Quad Xeon processors on all our systems, and with as little as 5 clients per node;

    What others offer:
    Small amounts of RAM;
    High amounts of RAM, but slow;
    What we offer:
    No less then 1066Mhz DDR2 RAM on all our systems, with VPS starting at 512MB of dedicated memory;

    What others offer:
    Disc space without RAID;
    Disc space with RAID, but it's software RAID;
    What we offer:
    Disc space with true hardware RAID on all our systems;

    What others offer:
    Small amounts of bandwidth;
    High amounts of bandwidth, but of low quality;
    High amounts of bandwidth, but with restrictions;
    -Time limits on bursts
    -Capped bandwidth

    What we offer:
    No less then 500GB/mo of premium bandwidth on World-class Uber Bandwidth's datacenter;
    -100mbit connection
    -240 gigabit network
    -No caps
    -No burst time limits;
    -Latency test
    -Bandwidth test

    What others offer:
    Unnecessary unreliable insecure extras;
    -control panels
    What we offer:
    Pass the savings to the client and let them choose what they want.

    What you might be thinking:
    "Hmmm, I'm not sure."
    Our answer:
    Try us out for 3 days, for free, no strings attached. You'll be sure then!
    -Contact us directly about this special, it isn't available on the website


    Our Plans:

    VPS 0.5
    Dedicated RAM: 512MB
    Burstable RAM: 1024MB
    RAID Disk Space: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    IP Address: 1
    Price: 9.95
    VPS 1.0
    Dedicated RAM: 1024MB
    Burstable RAM: 2048MB
    RAID Disk Space: 20GB
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    IP Address: 1
    Price: 19.95
    VPS 1.5
    Dedicated RAM: 1536MB
    Burstable RAM: 3072MB
    RAID Disk Space: 30GB
    Bandwidth: 1500GB
    IP Address: 1
    Price: 29.95
    VPS 2.0
    Dedicated RAM: 2048MB
    Burstable RAM: 4096MB
    RAID Disk Space: 40GB
    Bandwidth: 2000GB
    IP Address: 1
    Price: 39.95

    Available Operating Systems:
    CentOS 4
    CentOS 5
    Debian 4.0
    Debian 5.0
    Fedora 9
    Ubuntu Hardy


    If you don't see what you like, drop us an email and we'll see what we can do for you.


    Payment Methods:
    Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer and Moneybookers


    FAQ Contacts Website

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    █ Wafer VPS
    US North Carolina Based
    Self-Managed OpenVZ VPS Hosting
    Check out our offers!

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