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    Suspicious process 'duy'

    Please assist..

    We had a process by the name of 'duy' running in our cpanel server and causing a very high consumption of bandwidth at 66Mbps/sec.

    The bandwidth usage went back to normal after the processes weere being killed.

    We tried to find for a matching file with 'duy' but there were no results.

    Any idea?

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    this process looks suspicious....

    please check the output of the command

    ps auxf | grep duy
    You will get the complete process tree. using the above command. - the name says it all!
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    And it is time to evaluate your server.

    You need to check your whole system for possible trojans also.
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    That defintely sounds like a malicious process based on the amount of bandwidth it is using. Trace the process before killing it. Try to get the path or username it is coming from. You will also need to do a general security check and hardening (ie, start with firewall, modsecurity, etc).
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    Your server has been hacked and compromised. Time for a full security would be best off by hiring a company like platinumservermanagement or switching to a managed provider.
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    A quick command that will give you some ideas as well as a place to look is lsof

    lsof -p PID |more

    It won't work every time but works a most times, I agree something bad was obviously going on. Of course you have to run the command while the process is running.
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    Naw, I'd just reformat... it's possible once you killed it, it alerted them, and they went and grabed a rootkit.. then your screwed good luck finding it.
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