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    Cool Forum hosting software. 213 licensed customers, $600/month profit

    I'm selling my forum hosting software. Its stable, provides nice profit, but I'll need large amount of money by the end of July, so I have to sell it.

    Some statistics:

    Customers with licenses: 213 (2 or 3 of them were given license for free)
    Licenses: 234
    Earnings for last 2 years: $16,515
    Earnings from January 2009 to now: $3,510
    Google page rank: 6

    Price: $6,000

    This is a short description, for more details (including proof of revenue, more stats, script details, revenue details) visit auction page.

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    (234)X(35.00)= 8190 but your only making 600/mo? Whats the pricing that you offered in the past for your clients for these licenses?

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    Price is and has always been $75, not $35. $35 is for second and further extra licenses.

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    Okay even then, shouldn't you be making more every month?

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    Sorry, forgot to reply because I've sold this not long after I've posted it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by venkatam View Post
    Okay even then, shouldn't you be making more every month?
    Probably, when I'm not lazy. I've noticed a trend: whenever I make a new release, I get few new customers and few old ones renew their licenses.

    This spring I was very lazy, there wasn't a new release for almost 3 month, so income slightly decreased. At the beginning of June I made another release, which resulted in larger revenue in June compared to April/May.

    But then again, lowest profit per month was in September last year and I did make few releases then, so maybe that trend I've noticed is incorrect.

    Overall income was rather stable if you compare it by 3-4 months.

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    What are you looking for?

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