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Thread: Advice Needed

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    Advice Needed

    Hi Guys,

    I've been on ixwebhosting and about high time I change since:

    1. I received numerous feedback from visitors about its tortoise-speed loading despite host's claim to have 'no problem' with it,
    2. My site got hacked (from China) and customer support could not identify the exact source of the problem.

    My site runs on ASP.NET and MSSQL. I need a fast server and large enough one to operate a website like novica dot com.

    $20+/month is about how much I can afford at the moment, so looking for a host that allows my site to expand with the business.

    Could someone provide some pointers?


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    1. The response (loading) time is related with location, cache and application pool time out.
    2. The hosting company is not responsible for your ASP.NET code. You could examine your IIS access logs and find the source of the problem.

    IMHO you should look for a VPS hosting solution.

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    Your budget seems to be good enough to get a good quality hosting..

    However, What are your disk space/bandwidth requirements? Are you looking for a particular flavor of Windows OS (Win 2003/Win 2008)? Are you having any control panel preference? With these information, you'll be in better position to receive some suggestions with price/quality ratio.

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    I would correct the exploit in your code before you start looking for a new host or else the issue will just move with you.

    The slow site could be the host, but also could be the exploit slowing the site down, I would correct that asap.
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    Just try to avoid overselling hosts (ie unlimited space, domains and databases) otherwise you'll face the same slow downs you are experiencing now.

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    I agree with a couple of the posters above. You need to troubleshoot the cause of the slowness. Don't assume the cause is the host. That your site was hacked indicates possible sloppiness in code or you have incorrectly configured control panel/IIS for your site.

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    Some webhosts offering unlimited can be good however some can be a disaster and so try domething like their great

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    If you want someone who I personally have known for a long time it would be they've Been here since 2005, they have good services as well

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    5,176 is expired. Are you thinking of another company?
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    2. My site got hacked (from China) and customer support could not identify the exact source of the problem.
    Yeah I agree with HostingASPNet, that hosting companies are not responsible for the hacking if it's in your script. If it's a server-wide problem then, that's a different story.
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    Slow speed of your website could be due to either your code or your shared hosting environment.

    You should atleast give a try (30 days trial - don't transfer name servers ... just check your website using test URLS) to a new hosting company to see if the issue is related with shared hosting at IXWeb ...

    For the hacking problem, just try to find out if the hacking is because of any script on your website or due to the security hole on your server ? Check yourself if you installed any thrid party script in recent days ? Or you transmitted your website's ftp details or password over unsecur channels ?

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    try out They have a good deal on a vps server.
    100gb disk space
    300gb bw
    only $17.49/month

    pretty good deal for a vps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2012Panda View Post
    If you want someone who I personally have known for a long time it would be they've Been here since 2005, they have good services as well
    Actually SmartWaveTech support has changed once it was sold on. Greg is not with SmartWaveTech now.

    ~ Abby

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    I am sure you will get lots of reliable host around offering good services and affordable prices; but i would like to mention that :-

    * Website Slow : can be due to Location, cache and application pool time out, or any heavy script or loop executing on your website or on server, at the time of browsing the website.

    * You may need to cross check and correct your website / application code by examine logs and find the source of the problem. Your webhost can help you to find the logs... i am sure

    * As far as hacking is concern : that may also because of several reasons like: Easy passwords/ Virus on your local PC or any loop in your website code. Because any webhost cannot afford server hacking and trouble his shared users hosted on that server. So, it is 99% related to user FTP / Database / local pc virus only.

    Of-course you have a right to change your present webhost if you are continuously facing the problem and they are not able to help you.
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