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    i have never seen such situation with any hosting company since 8 years now
    the dns is down for 4 days and nothing is happening since that time
    recovering server may take 1 day max, but i guess you are doing nothing to solve the problem
    at least if you are doing anything maybe some sites or email servers work again
    but whats happening is that more domains is down, more mail servers is down

    tickets opened since 4 days and no single reply from you
    online support is offline support all the time

    whats going on, is your plan to make us just cancel our accounts and move to other hosting company, if this what you want or plan for, just tell us and we will move without huge problems

    we have 4 days of servers down and email servers down and we have business clients screaming and screaming everyday all the day, and we have nothing to say, maybe today it will be solved and the day pass, maybe tomorrow and tomorrow pass and nothing solved yet,

    just tell us what is happening, when this nightmare will end ????
    what are you doing to solve this disaster, is there anything done ????????

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