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    Question Selecting data from two different tables in phpmyadmin


    I have two tables,

    A = Client table (client_id, client_name fields)
    B = History table (amount field)

    I want to select all clients from Client tables who have any record/amount in History Table.

    Please let me know how to do this?

    Thank you


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    You should have an associated key for both tables. A: client_id, B:client_id
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    run this query in phpmyadmin

    SELECT,history.amount FROM HISTORY LEFT JOIN client ON client
    .client_id = history.client_id
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    If there's always going to be a foreign key on 'client_id' between the tables you should use an INNER JOIN rather than a LEFT JOIN. The latter will also include rows which don't exist in both tables (a client without history rows, or orphaned history rows with no client).
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    It is always better to use a foreign key in table B if you dont have one there. Also use inner join ie (where instead of left join to avoid unnecessary records.

    You can run the sql query in phpmyadmin using the editSQL option

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