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    Super cool design for sale.....

    I had this made and then needed to go in a different direction, so am not able to use it. I will miss it

    PSD included. I own the original plane photo so that is also included.

    The DWB hosting logo would need to be changed.

    There is an info page, a table page and the main page.

    Someone could really run with this classy design.

    Designer is Rolando, who has an excellent reputation on this board. I will provide his contact info to the winner as he would be able to make changes you needed. These changes are not included in the price.

    BIN $165

    Thanks, Dave

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    Getting 404's on those links

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    Yep, just fixed that

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    Price change. BIN $135.00

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    Price change Quick Sale $105.00 Yes? No? Maybe ?

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    Price change to $85 for quick sale. Happy 4th!

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