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    * VPS Nameservers?

    I just signed up for a VPS account and have never had one before.
    My domain is with godaddy and VPS hosting with another provider.
    My question is how do I set the nameservers if the VPS provider does not provide this info?

    Thanks for any help.

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    If the VPS provider does not provide DNS service, you need to set up your own DNS server on your VPS. If you don't know how do that, you can use free dns service like

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    Either you a) use GoDaddy's nameservers and modify the A-records to point to your new VPS where you will host your site, b) run your own nameserver on your VPS and change your domain to use them (easiest when done with a control panel?), or c) check with your provider if they provide managed nameservers and take it from there.

    Good luck!
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