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    need a reseller host

    hello friends
    please forgive me,my english is poor
    i'm a newbie
    i want to buy a reseller host
    features needed
    disk space:about 15-20GB or more
    Dedicated IP:1
    whm needed
    and the price limit maybe 100usd/year
    maybe my requirements are harsh
    and i am glad to see more reasonable advisements
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    Hosts are not allowed to advertise offers to you here - you may wish to take a look at the Reseller Hosting Offers forum below - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    thank you

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    May I suggest HostGator. You get everything and a bag of chips.
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    $100/yr is a long shot since you have some pretty big space and bandwidth requirements - expect to pay anywhere from $1-$3 per gb of space for reliable and non-oversold services

    check the offers section and be aware of products that look too good to be true because they usually are

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    Unfortunately you will have to raise your budget or lower your disk space and bandwidth requirements.

    No doubt you'll probably end up with someone who is overselling (and not in a sensible way), but that isn't a great idea.

    How much space and bandwidth do you honestly need? Getting an oversold reseller account isn't a great idea, so try and get an account which suits your needs instead
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    As DH - Tristan Perry said your it seems your requirements does not match your budget. Think about what you want exactly. Go for reasonable resources with a reasonable budget so that you can avoid much headaches in future. If you search around you can see many nightmare stories about not properly managed overselling. Do an intense research before you choose your provider. This is the best place for that. Best of luck.

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    Finding a reliable reseller hosting with your current budget is very hard. If you can increase it when I recommend Surpasshosting.
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    I would recommend looking at the WHT offers forum, you can normally find some good offers on there, although I would recommend increasing your budget to $150/$200.
    Remember you normally get what you pay for

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