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    Its going to take time. That much is guaranteed. You will need different key word relevant title tags on each page as close to the home page as possible and url extensions that the spider can read. You will then need as many links as you can get with anchor text that matches the key words in the title of the page the link points to. Links to the articles themselves (internal pages) are difficult to find. There are reasonably priced resources which accept deep links but that sort of information is valuable and I have yet to find a credible list of sites that one is safe submitting to, that is freely available and in the public domain.

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    Keywords should be relevant to your main content, because if it does not you will have a lot of useless visits from the serp. Moreover SE consider content is the king and will never rank you high because of the keywords from the links

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    Why is it that so many people who know so little, have so much to say? The anchor text you use when building back links is what spiders and SE's feed on. And as long as those key words appear in your title tag you can get a blank page to rank .

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    You need to distribute your website into many directories,Social bookmarking can drive more traffic.Do Yahoo answers for your website keyword.

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    Submission to blog directories is very important for your purpose.Also promote your essays to social media marketing sites.

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    If you have unique content means you will get natural link, but you must do other link building like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, press relies etc

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    It is important that every website adds values through content. That content need to be unique and highly relevant to the website to target the audience. So keep on focusing on content creation and be sure to do a great job of linking to other content across your site with keyword descriptive links.
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    Directory submission is most useful for promote web site

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    i suppose it is important to concentrate on a niche rather then random blogging

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    Unique content is good for your website which search engine pay a lot attention to and can bring you some natural backlinks. You may think to submit these essays to some blog directories to get some backlinks.

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    Writing new Content and Submitting it to Social Bookmarking sites will help you a Lot! I have never concentrated too much on link directories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Hallett View Post
    I have a lot of unique content (essays) on my site that don't follow any particular theme. Should my link building campaign revolve around keywords relating to essays? My goal is to get all the essays I have indexed and ranked.
    Promoting by link building is not bad idea.. but how u willbuild link for all essay..has to arrange well befoere start promoting...

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    So we see. Its a pity that posts like yours are not deleted. They contribute nothing and its obvious you walk in circles with one foot nailed to the floor.

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    Directory submission and social bookmarking is most important for promote for your site

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    Enrich your content with proper and relevant keywords and also keep into account the keyword density.Then start link building with those keywords as anchor.

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    Keywords should be relevant to your main content

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    The problem is there because you're not targeting any specific niche. If you're practicing random blogging then its very hard to tackle the SEO issue because you've to manage more than one keywords all the time.
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