Is there anyone here that is a regular or was a user of Drysol? I`m a sufferer hyperhydrosis, basically a heavy sweater. Doesn`t matter whether it be winter or summer, I can often sweat buckets under my arms. Can be a real chore planning a day that requires dressing up for obvious reasons.

My doctor recently gave me a small can of Drysol to try and I was quite surprised how well it worked. I just wanted the armpit issue sorting out, this was always the most embarrassing situation. Well I`ve been using it for two days, it works better than I imagined no more sweating there!

I just wondered, does anyone else use it. Are there are side effects, should I cut back on using it? It got me thinking if this stuff stops sweating by blocking pores, surely the sweat has to come out somewhere else?

Do I get an award for weird topic?