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    [REVIEW] Vishnu Prakash - One of the best web designers I know

    This review is long overdue and I will attempt to make this as short as possible to keep your attentions. If your looking for an amazing, skilled and honest designer read on:

    I've had various projects for which I needed a skilled designer. Yes, there's plenty out there but so many turned out to be solely in it to reap the extra buck or were unreliable, unethical or so Web 1.0. It seems very hard to find quality individuals when you are all behind a physical firewall, the computer.

    Vishnu, aka Vish, has been one of the most skilled designers I know. His role has evolved from simply a designer to more of a business partner constantly providing in depth advice for various UI things as well as business logic. He has a great talent to be able to comprehend on short notice and in few words what you really need. And boy does he produce: the quality of his designs, the effort he puts in to ensure things look PERFECT is really unmatched. His designs are really beautiful.

    Now just a word on his character before you go see his portfolio. Vish delivers and he's a man of his word. That's really as simple as I can say it. If he gives you a day, that's the day he will be ready and if for some reason there is some delay, he is extraordinary up front and works with you to make things right. Everything you expect from that "perfect" worker, you will find in Vish. He is based out of the London area but he has been superb in changing his schedule around to fit east coast needs!

    No, Vish, is not one of those $100 website designers, he's a bit pricier but still VERY reasonable. He also will only work with honest, sane and easy going people. With his level of quality, he can demand such clients!

    So anyway, here's his portfolio, I am kind of reluctant to share him as then I won't have him all too myself but that's the way it goes:

    I also have to give a shout out to David from Fused Networks for posting way back when about Vish.

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    Thank you for the great review, Josh!


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